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Codebase DOSDoom
Developer(s) Andrew Apted, Andy Baker (darkknight)
Non-Developer(s) Luke Brennan (Lobo), Marc A. Pullen (Fanatic)
Development status Discontinued
Target Platform Cross-Platform
License GNU General Public License v2+
Website http://edge.sourceforge.net/
Source Repository


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EDGE (Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine) is a collaborative Open Source project based upon the Doom source code. EDGE is derived from an earlier project called DOSDoom. The first official EDGE version was released on June 20, 2000. The last version of EDGE is 1.35, released on 2011-04-09. On that date, Andrew Apted announced his retirement from EDGE development, leaving EDGE without a maintainer.

The most attractive feature of EDGE is its DDF system. DDF describes all game behavior inside text files external to the executable file. As a result, it is popular among modders who use the extensibility to add many new weapons and features with many fewer of the limits present in other source ports. With DDF, for example, it is possible to create monsters which can possess multiple missile and melee attacks, or create custom pain and death states for monsters when hit by specific weapons or projectiles.

EDGE includes ports to many popular operating systems, including MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, BeOS and Mac OS X. It had both software-rendered and OpenGL hardware-accelerated versions; as of version 1.29 and beyond, however, it no longer supports nor distributed software-mode rendering.

The former EDGE team consisted of Andrew Apted and Andy Baker (darkknight) as the primary developers, and Marc A. Pullen (Fanatic) and Luke Brennan (Lobo) as distributors/promoters. However, there were many EDGE Contributors.

3DGE became the direct successor, with more focus on expanding the well-written 3D APIs of EDGE.


  • Support for up to 64 defined weapons at once.
  • 16 Ammo types: BULLETS, SHELLS, ROCKETS, CELLS, and AMMO5 to AMMO16. (EDGE 1.29 only. AMMO1 to AMMO4 can be used as aliases for the 4 main ammo types.)
  • Extrafloors feature allows modders to create submergible liquids, room-over-room, or catwalks, as well as vertically moving platforms not embedded into the floor.
  • Four armor types: GREEN (33% reduction), BLUE (50% reduction), YELLOW (75% reduction) and RED (90% reduction).
  • GL Nodes allow better 3D rendering of both existing Doom levels and newer levels.
  • Mipmapping, Smoothing and Dynamic Lighting.
  • Automap can be made to be stationary instead of rotating with the player's facing angle.
  • Automap can also be applied as a secondary layer over the normal viewing screen opposed to replacing it, allowing the player to fight enemies and keep track of their position at one time.
  • Weapons can have secondary attacks. Weapons can also be made to be manually reloaded, or have idle stats as well.
  • Support for MUS, MIDI, CD, and Ogg Vorbis music formats.
  • DDF files allow the editing of many features (such monsters, attacks, and levels).
  • Sprites can be viewed from 16 angles (see Sprite).
  • RTS scripting format includes an option known as "Start_Map ALL" that allows global scripts to be created that affect all maps in the game without copying the script under each individual map.
  • JPEG, PNG, TGA Hi-res textures.
  • Sliding doors.
  • Support for TX_START/TX_END and HI_START/HI_END texture namespaces.
  • 3d models with animations.
  • Mirrors.

Popular add-ons

EDGE also brings its own unique set of popular add-ons to the Doom community. Although some dislike EDGE for its perceived instability, the following mods have in one way or another made their mark on the community.

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