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Developer(s) Marc A. Pullen (Fanatic)
Development status Released (August 16, 2001)
Website Fanatic's QDOOM Site
QDOOM is a total conversion for the EDGE source port based on Quake. It was created by Marc "Fanatic" Pullen. The conversion has 12 levels, split into three episodes. All of Quake's weapons and almost all of Quake's monsters appear in the TC.

This mod was originally designed for EDGE 1.24 (and later, 1.26), and as such will not run properly in newer versions of EDGE. This version will not run in 3DGE.

A Re-Release in the form of QDOOM 1.01 can be found at the idgames archive (link below). This version has updated its standards to support EDGE 1.29, which with little modification, can run in 3DGE as well.

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