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Stored in the playlist.ddf file, or in the DDFPLAY data lump.

Playlist.ddf is used to define music entries in EDGE. Each entry begins with a unique reference number, in square brackets, and represents a piece of music that can be played at some point in the game. Either during a level, or as one of the intermission or title pieces of music. These entries are then referred to from the other ddf files, such as levels.ddf or game.ddf.

When using filenames, directories must be separated by / instead of the \ character which is normally used under Windows. The reason is because the \ character has a special meaning in DDF: it is the escape character, and "\n" is used to put newlines into DDF strings.


Entries in playlist.ddf have the following format:


Where each command is as follows:

[ENTRY_NUMBER] A two digit number, used to reference this entry in games.ddf and level.ddf.
[TYPE] This can be either CD, MIDI, MUS, or OGG and should refer to the type of music source that is being used.
[FORMAT] If the music is in a wadfile, this must be LUMP, if the music is a file on the hard drive this must be FILE, or if it's a CD track, this must be TRACK.
[SONG NAME] Name of the actual file in the wadfile or on the hard drive, or the CD track number. Entries with an underscore "_" in require quotes around the name (e.g. "D_DEAD").


The following are examples of different playlist entries:

[01] MUSICINFO=CD:TRACK:1;                           // NOTE: CD tracks do not require quotes

[10] MUSICINFO=MUS:LUMP:"D_DEAD";      // NOTE: names with "_" in them require quotes

[23] MUSICINFO=OGG:FILE:"music/QOTSA/A_Song_for_the_dead.ogg";

Only early versions of EDGE support MP3 music playback, and early DOS-based versions support MOD/XM music (including DOSDoom). 3DGE does not support CD music playback as SDL2 does not support it.

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