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Stored in sounds.ddf file or in the DDFSFX data lump.

Sounds.ddf allows you to change the various sounds that are played as things happen in the game. Each entry consists of a unique name, enclosed in square brackets, plus a series of commands that specify the sound lump in the wadfile and the characteristics of how it's played.

Names should be descriptive of what the sound is and/or when it is used, and will be referred to in the other ddf files, such as DDFWEAP, DDFATK and DDFTHING among others.


The commands used for sound entries are as follows:

LOOP [boolean] Makes the sound play over and over again. This can be useful in sector moving, ambient sounds and every other situation that requires a looping sound sample (i.e. a longer weapon idle or firing sound).
LUMP_NAME [lumpname] The name of the SFX lump in the wad file. Sound lumps usually start with "DS", which must be included.
MAX_DISTANCE [float] The maximum distance away from the sound where it can still be heard. Used to make sounds that can only be heard when the player is close to the source.
PRECIOUS [boolean] When TRUE, this sound would rather to keep playing instead of being cut (by an equal priority or equal singularity sound). Default is FALSE.
PRIORITY [integer] Specifies how important the sound is. Lower priorities are more important. If a sound channel cannot be found to play the sound on, EDGE will look for a channel playing a less important sound and cut it. 0 means the sound has highest priority, 255 means sound has lowest priority.
(NOTE: this strange priority scheme may be fixed is a future release of EDGE).
SINGULAR [integer] If a thing is making a noise with the same singularity it will be cut. (See chainsaw).
VOLUME [percentage] Sound volume


The following is an example of a complete sound entry:


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