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TADE, or "Text-Accessible Doom Engine" was to be the original planned name for EDGE, while DOSDoom was in the last stages of its development. The following is a communication between the developers internally from Andrew Apted:
I joined the EDGE project near the start, I can remember the

discussions about what to call the project. One suggestion was "TADE", I don't recall what the "A" meant but the whole thing was

something like "Text Accessible Doom Engine".
I think version 1.00 was where it all started, and there was 1.01,

1.02 etc.... which were all developed privately until the first public release. Marc Pullen was part of the team, and features for his QDoom

project drove a lot of that early development.
Cheers, -- Andrew
[1] Date of communication was 10/24/2014.
  1. Referenced in an email dated 10/26/2014.