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EarthBound Doom, or EBDoom is an EDGE partial conversion created by Baron of Sigma. EBDoom applies elements from the Super Nintendo RPG "Earthbound" and other Role-Playing Games.

The current version of EBDoom is Beta 6.56, released on January 12, 2006. There are not many new levels for the conversion, many of the existing maps being heavily modified versions of Doom and Doom 2 maps to test new features. At its current stage, EBDoom exists as a monster modification and a concept modification. However, currently it appears that the modification has been either abandoned or discontinued, as the mod's page and files have disappeared, and the link to the site on the server's home page no longer exists.

It has received mixed criticism from the Doom community due to its perceived low quality, some regarding it as little more than a Joke WAD. Others see it as having more potential if given more work. Regardless of opinion, many modders have used EBDoom’s resources, in particular its conversions of monsters from other games.

Four demo levels have been released so far. It appears that the main enemies of EBDoom are the Serpent Riders (D'Sparil, Korax, Eidolon), the major bosses of the Heretic-Hexen trilogy. The three riders have been (as of now) unknowingly resurrected and have gained a form of 'monopoly' over several scattered and demoralized forces of monsters. The mod features the aliens from Duke Nukem 3D (supposedly they have lost their main leader and are weakened in power), the minions of Zilla in "Shadow Warrior" (the story also says Zilla has vanished and no longer leads the remaining forces), the weakened and scattered forces of a prequel-modification’s leader, as well as brand new forces, in addition to their own original forces from their original games, and of course, for Doom fans, the demons of Hell.

The Serpent Riders have initiated an invasion of Earthbound’s version of Earth, sometime after the Giygas wars. According to the README file included with the game, the four main characters of the original Earthbound will eventually all be selectable with their own plotlines to stop the efforts of the Serpent Riders. Each character will have their own unique Hit Points, speed, weapons, levels and other abilities to make the game more interesting. However as of now, only Paula, the second of the characters, has any amount of character mechanics created, and she only has 4 demo levels, an intro level, and some tutorial levels. Some of the maps are short and incomplete, likely a main reason for the criticism the mod has received.

As of now, EDGE 1.29RC3 is required for this modification to run properly.


This mod is unconfirmed to work in newer versions of EDGE. It will not run in 3DGE.

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