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Development status Released
Target Platform 3DGE
DAMNED is a mod for Doom, aiming to enhance the game with randomized content in the sandbox that allows for an even more addictive arcade adventure. Including the original roster of enemies and weapons, DAMNED adds an addition slew of weapons which complement the originals to slay the opposition with fierce determination.
  • Works for Ultimate Doom, Doom II & Final Doom.


  • 17+ weapons, with enhanced and upgradeable counterparts
  • "Greater" pickups, such as greater health and defense bonuses
  • Alternate attack and variants for enemy monsters
  • New powerups, such as the Assist & Ultra Sphere
  • Limit caps on health and armor can be surpassed with bonuses and powerups
  • Minor special and cosmetic effects
  • Spawners shift the rotation of enemies, items and weapons
  • Multiplayer Support
  • New sounds and effects for weapons
  • Perfect for vanilla and boom-compatible PWADS
  • Radius Scripting used for item pickups
  • New Boss variants, Tech Mastermind and The Cardinal


  • Pistol: Standard 9mm handgun, fires slightly faster.
  • Chainsaw: Single-bladed cutting chainsaw. Get close to saw enemies to death.
  • Dual Chainsaw: Dual-bladed chainsaw. Saws enemies faster and with slightly more damage.
  • Shotgun: Pump-action shotgun. Slow, but powerful.
  • Assault Shotgun: Underbarrel shotgun with a faster rate of fire and alternate three-burst fire function.
  • Super Shotgun: Double-barrel break-action shotgun. Suitable for close quarters combat.
  • Hell's Retriever: A tri-barreled rotary shotgun. Uses explosive shells for incendiary damage.
  • Submachine Gun: Standard infantry machine gun. Does small damage but stuns enemies.
  • Phantom: Elite rifle for the wetwork troops. Stronger and more powerful than the Submachine Gun. Reloads after 30 rounds.
  • Heavy Chaingun: Chaingun that fires slower than machine guns but packs more punch.
  • Rocket Launcher: Missile Launcher that fires rockets.
  • Twin Launcher: A missile launcher than fires two volleys of rockets. Uses two rockets per fire.
  • Grenade Launcher: Small, break-action launcher that fires bouncing grenades.
  • Super Grenade Launcher: Rotating barrel launcher that fires consecutive rounds of grenades.
  • Plasma Rifle: A energy rifle that fires balls of plasma.
  • Rail Gun: A gauss-powered energy rifle that fires electromagnetic slugs of plasma at high speeds. Tunnels through targets.
  • BFG9000: Some hunk of technology that fires a gamma burst of plasma.
  • Pluto's Bane: A devastating piece of technology that fires dark matter.


  • Health Bonus: +1 HP
  • Greater Health Bonus: +5 HP
  • Armor Bonus: +1 AP
  • Armor Shard: +5 AP
  • Phase Orb: Gives health, and ammo upon pickup.
  • Lesser Armor: Gives +50 AP upon pickup.
  • Jade Armor: Gives +100 AP and standard resistance.
  • Sapphire Armor: Gives +200 AP and double resistance.
  • Topaz Armor: Gives 300+ AP and triple resistance.
  • Crimson Armor: Gives 400+ AP and quadruple resistance.
  • Ultra Sphere: Gives +150 HP and breaks HP Limit.
  • Brown Skull: A wonderful collector's item.


This mod is also playable through the Doom episodes. You can now find and pick up the Super Shotgun from the Pillager Zombie, but he will not be easy to defeat. The increased arsenal does not make the game relatively easier. Use automatic weapons such as the Submachine Gun or Plasma Rifle to stun and prevent stronger enemies from using their attacks. The Rail Gun and Hell's Retriever can penetrate and tunnel through enemies. Lastly, your bonuses stack up well, do not miss an opportunity to stay healthy with these.

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