Astral Pathfinder

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Astral Pathfinder


Astral Pathfinder is a megawad for 3DGE that follows the story of a unknown marine who is sent on a goose chase in order to hunt down a fellow engineer that is responsible for illegal technological abuse. The mod makes use of 3D floors, dynamic lighting, scripting, cameras, and uses QUACK, a partial gun modification created by Chronoteeth in the style of Quake 1-based weapons. Existing enemies have been given a few changes under the hood, while a few new monsters prove to be worthy adversaries against the new weapons.


Being sent to a nearby outpost in Garia for breaching military order, you have been locked away in the holding chambers until your superiors decide how to deal with you. A bit uncanny for knuckleheads to discipline their own squad, but no one is willing to fight for anyone or anything in space that doesnt deal with discovery. Or the advancement of mankind for that matter. You fall asleep.... only to be startled by an unexpected explosion on the outpost. The panel in your cell has been ripped from the impact, surging from an exposed core. The axe you've always kept from your lumberyard days on Earth happens to still have some strike in it..


Astral Pathfinder has a total of five levels, with a few broken down into miniature communes that suits the style of the parent map. You are able to choose your difficulty in the beginning, from easy, to medium, to hard and Master difficulty. There is also tales of a hidden dimension in between the rift caused from teleport fog. Only ancient texts are claimed to have the spill on where or why it exists. The environments range from space outposts, to an abandoned ship, a base on a frozen planet that reveals a laboratory underneath that leads to a hot, melting core.


A variety of weapons is at the disposal of the marine, from shotguns, to nail-based weapons, explosives, cell-based technology and the power of lightning itself. You can also power up existing weapons by finding hidden attachments scattered throughout the game.

Melee: Axe Description: Your trusty axe, from the lumber days. It doesnt have much on range, but it works in a pinch when the pressure gets too high. Best used against weaker enemies and to save ammo for when you really need it. Tier: Low

Short Range: Shotgun Description: Standard issue of the squadron, the little puppy boasts a big blast for a good reason. A touch above the axe, use this one to clear individual targets mid-range. Try not to rely on it for distant targets. Tier: Low

Long Range: Nailgun Description: Who needs rifle ammo when you have all of these nails from the heavy duty aisle? Back on Earth, you'd find them useful for building wooden home frames, but now not only do they shred living AND undead flesh, the damage packs quite a punch. Keep firing, and you will be satisfied from the carnage, yet penalized for the high rate of fire. Tier: Mid

Long Range: Grenade Launcher Description: When you just cant get the squeeze on a few targets, an arcing disaster should suit your needs. Packed with TNT, and a timer meant for deadly gags, the Grenade Launcher offers a great deal of inertia and thins herds majesticly. Not as powerful as it's cousin, but great for shooting around corners, or blowing weaker monsters to smithereens. Just don't trip over your own grenade. Tier: Mid

Short Range: Super Shotgun Description: If a scorpion has mandibles the size of a catepillar bulldozer, this would be it - with a blast as much pressure from an industrial vicegrip, this thing puts the super in a shotgun. Uses two shells for double the impact. Tier: High