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The MD5 model format comes from id Software's Doom 3 first person shooter, released in August 2004. The mesh data and animation data are separated in distinct files. These are ASCII files and are human readable. Here are some generalities about the MD5 format:

  • Model's geometric data are stored in *.md5mesh files;
  • Animations are stored in *.md5anim files;
  • Supports Skeletal Animation;
  • Supports Vertex Skinning;
  • Uses quaternions for orientation (in epi/m_quaternion).

MD5 is a work-in-progress and will be available starting with 3DGE 2.x. More information will be covered here as the format becomes available. MD5 will ultimately replace MD3.

As of 3DGE 2.0.4, MD5 models are fully supported.

 +MD2 and MD3 models are still supported as of this release!

To load MD5 models, just import the MD5mesh and MD5anim into a WAD. DDF naming convention is the same as before. Name both the md5mesh and md5anim the same way (4 letter followed by MD5). All grouped images need to be defined in DDFIMAGES.

The models animation system is affected by the interpolation - turning it off will give you choppy animations and other weirdness that is not yet documented.

Also see MD2, MD3, and MDL.