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Codebase Linux Doom 1.10
Developer(s) Chi Hoang, DOSDoom Team
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License, GPL
DOSDoom is the first source port of Doom, as well as the first DOS port of Doom after the release of the Doom source code. The initial versions were developed by Chi Hoang and the later ones by the DOSDoom Team. The port became the basis for a number of other source ports, including Boom, Doom Legacy and directly continued as EDGE. It pioneered many features that other source ports would come to adopt; due to this, EDGE is considered the purest descendant of the port. Because of this, its history, development, and team members are heavily documented here.
  • Chi Hoang released the initial version of DOSDoom on December 23, 1997, soon after the Doom source code came out. According to Hoang, "it took me 4-5 hours to port". Hoang left the port with 0.63.
  • The final version of DOSDoom, 0.653, was released on April 10, 1999.

Later DOSDoom versions added various new features including free look, translucency, jumping and DDF scripting.


  • Hi-Colour Mode
  • Higher Resolutions (up to 1280x1024, compared to 320x200 in the original)
  • 3 Levels of Translucency
  • Jumping
  • 180-degree turn
  • user-definable gravity
  • Controls Configurable in the Game
  • 8-Player Support
  • New gameplay options
  • Mouse-look
  • Radius Scripting for existing and new levels
  • Music support for MP3, MOD and loads more
  • CD Audio
  • Overlap Map Function
  • Rotate Map Function


The term "source port" originates from the DOSDoom release 0.2.

There is a campaign at Doomworld to retrieve the "lost" versions of DOSDoom, as only 3 versions (with 2 having their source released) exist.

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