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Stored in the language.ldf file or in the DDFLANG data lump.

Langauge.ldf can be used to modify existing text, or to add custom text associated with new entries in the other ddf files, such as new weapons or pickups. It can also be used to provide translations of the text for different languages. Allowing you to play doom in your own language.

Each language set is defined by a name, enclosed in square brackets E.g. [FRENCH] or [GERMAN], followed by a series of text entries for that langauge.

The default language for EDGE is English, and the engine will not load if there is no entry in languages.ldf for [ENGLISH].

The language.ldf file in the DDF 3.7 package provides support for the following languages: Swedish, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Dutch and Finnish. (These can be selected from the options menu, or on the command line e.g -lang turkish). If no string exists in a desired language, it will be found under another one, typically in [ENGLISH].


The language DDF file is different from other files in that there are no set commands. Instead, each entry defines a string to be used in the game. E.g.

MAP01Desc="Level 1: entryway";

Defines the string "Level 1: entryway" as MAP01Desc. Then the term MAP01Desc can be used in the relevant DDF file (in this case, levels.ddf).

You can also create new entries. If you made a flamethrower, you could create a new pickup message. E.g.

GotFlame="You got the Flamethrower."

You will usually edit this file to add pickup messages for new items, weapons etc, or to change the map descriptions (seen in the left hand corner when you are looking at the automap during a game - usually after pressing the tab key).


The following is an exert from the official language.ldf file, as it is too large to post in its entirety!
//First few lines of DDFLANG:
DevelopmentMode="Development Mode is enabled.\n";
PressKey="Press A Key";
PressYorN="Press Y or N";
PressToQuit="(press y to quit)";
MessagesOff="Messages OFF";
MessagesOn="Messages ON";
QuickSaveOver="quicksave over your game named\n\n'%s'?\n\npress y or n.";

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