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The MD3 model file format was introduced by id Software when releasing Quake 3: Arena in 1999. It's a file format quite simple to use and understand. MD3 models' characteristics in 3DGE are nearly directly derived from MD2 with a few key differences.


3DGE can load MD3s from a LUMP in the wadfile.

  • Ability to use PNG, JPG, and TGA file formats for skins
  • Able to define up to 9 skins-per-model and switch them out on-the-fly through DDF
  • Able to use animations as either frame number or reference name, or both if desired
  • Can control the bias, aspect, scale, and placement of the model, both for environment and HUD (weapons)
  • Linear Interpolation for animated vertex deformation (higher accuracy and no animation wobble)
  • Supports more overall vertices and tris over MD2.


While those features are handy, there are currently limitations of the format:

  • Extra meshes are not supported and will be ignored (fail to render). This limitation carried over from EDGE 1.32.
  • No internal shader system, so the models are lit uniformly, even in the presence of dynamic lights
  • EDGE 1.35 cannot load MD3 models.



Loading is nearly identical to MD2: the model itself must be stored in a wad, and the lump name is the sprite base ("TROO") plus "MD3" on the end --> "TROOMD3".

Also see MD2 and MD5.