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Did you know that DOSDoom was both the first source port released in 1997 but also 3DGE's direct ancestor?

Did you know that EDGE, the original successor to DOSDoom, was to be named TADE (Text-Accessible DOOM Engine)?

Did you know that the enigmatic -ilovebill was a CMD invented by Chi Hoang, and remained a mystery until just recently?

Did you know that 3DGE just recently broke away from EDGE compatibility by introducing interpolation?

Did you know that DDF was the first external scripting system after DeHackED that didn't rely on executable hardcodes?

Did you know that RTS and DDF came from DOSDoom, and not EDGE, as its commonly believed?

Did you know that 3DGE is BOOM-compatible?

Did you know 3DGE contains code from Quake II, Quake III, and Wolfenstein 3D?

Did you know EDGE stands for Enhanced DOOM Gaming Engine?

Did you know Chi Hoang took "4-7" hours porting Linux Doom, creating DOSDoom?

Did you know that EDGE supported dynamic shadows under sprites until v1.29?

Did you know that EDGE at one point supported MP3 playback, but was removed for copyright concerns?