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Development RoadMap

The features listed as In-Progress are features tied into the engine currently, which need to be finished up.


  • PolyObjects (available in the latest devbuilds, more types will be supported in the future)
  • Normal/Spec/Brightmap support on textures
  • Rise of the Triad support (ROTT_*)
  • Dynamic Planar Shadow System for Dynamic Lights (Models only)
  • Quake 3: Arena-style shader-based sky system
  • Better BOOM Compatibility
  • Decals on all surfaces
  • TERRAIN.DDF: new DDF type for floors, that can do all sorts of neat things according to what flat name is being accessed at the current time.
  • SPRITES.DDF: new DDF type for plain sprites, to control things like Offsets, Brightmaps, etc.
  • New Input system, for split-screen controls
  • Wolfenstein 3D support (WLF_*)


Future features are features that are not yet tied into the engine, but support will be coming soon for them.

  • DECALS.DDF: new DDF type for wall decals (bullet holes) and floor decals (splats, explosions, etc)
  • IWAD Selection Dialogue Box (like ZDoom)
  • Blake Stone support (BLK_*)
  • Strife IWAD
  • Completed Heretic support, including an Inventory system
  • True Networking, for internet play