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Test Version

Test versions are builds usually designated with the prefix RC, for Release Candidate, TESTx, for TEST (x = number), or by Version Numberx (where x = version number).

There are usually a TON of these before 3DGE hits a stable (and final) release. Early TEST versions are usually incompatible with STABLE releases, including savegames. Some are from different codebases altogether.

Stable Version

Stable releases are usually the last in lineage (for instance, 1.36A-F, with F being "Final" and thus reaching "Stable"). These are the ones that are guaranteed to work as intended.

note: This article assumes releases in order: DosDOOM, EDGE, and finally 3DGE.


EDGE 1.9 (March 8, 2000)

  • Type: Internal version, never released.

New Features:

* Able to accelerate the text stage of the final final.
* Able to have no weapon at all, you just run around with nothing in
  front of you.
* Flats drawn in OpenGL version.
* SPIT_SPOT= field for things.ddf, which defines the thing type where the SHOOT_TO_SPOT attack shoots to (for the MAP30 brain shooter).