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Skeleton Source Port

Text below screenshot

Codebase Linux Doom 1.10
Developer(s) Nobody
Non-Developer(s) Nobody
Development status Active/Discontinued
Written in C, C++
Target Platform Cross-Platform,
License Doom Source License, GNU General Public License v2+
Website doomwiki.org
Source Repository

(Subversion, Mercurial, Git)

IRC Channel OFTC #doom-tech
Skeleton Source Port is not a real source port. This page's purpose is to create a base template of a source port to describe.


This section of text contains more detailed information on this source port. If your source port is unreleased, then do not create subpages for it at all. However when you make your first release and subsequent releases, you create pages linking to Port skel/Version which contains the version of your sourceport, without the v. And the date of the latest release Port skel/Date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

As for the initial release version go to Port skel/InitialVersion and Port skel/InitialDate. The same rules apply as per format specifications.

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Based on
Linux Doom 1.10
Source Port Skeleton