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  • Removed the wikilinks on all the labels
  • Doomized some things
  • Moved standard from the bottom to the top (very important to us Doomers)
  • Removed File Size (pointless)
  • Merged Operating System and Platform into Target Platform which is (Linux, DOS, Windows, etc.)

My own stuff:

  • standard = The standard of the source port "Vanilla Compatible, Boom Compatible, ZDoom Compatible, etc." The baseline compatibility level for the source port. This should be based on levels and features (so if it can't play back Boom demos it shouldn't be excluded from Boom compatibility).
  • baseparent = The base codebase version of the source port. For example, ReMooD is based on Doom Legacy 1.42 so it will say that.
  • repotype = Type of source code repository you use (if any)
  • repourl = URL to repository
  • ircchannel = IRC Channel where your stuff presides
  • nondeveloper = People on the team but they don't develop. This should be people who actually do a major part in the source port but don't do anything code wise. So your ports 1000 public testers does not go here but the solo guy who spends his free time and his own money on your source port paying for a website or something should be here. Or you can put people of power here, who have control over the entirety of the source port and can usurp developer admins.


  • It seems the template is screwing around with Quasar's gene stuff, seems it doesn't like shoving a new table in the table or something. So it will be kept in the normal page.


  • Added time ago for dates.
  • Switched from static initial release to a better way (one that can be easily used by other pages).
  • Moved time ago templates from GhostlyDeath's userspace to normal template namespace.


This template is mostly from MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngWikipedia.

This template is from the Doom Wiki, all copyrights belong to them and are available via the Terms of Use.