System Requirements

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Please be aware that, for all Operating Systems, you *must* have a valid IWAD to run the engine!
Windows® Logo 2002 Microsoft® Windows®
Windows® XP Service Pack 3 and higher (Windows® Vista/7+ is highly recommended)
  • 2 GHz Dual-Core CPU or faster (Quad-Core is strongly recommended for modern 3DGE mods).
    • Your CPU must be SSE2 capable to run 3DGE 2.0 or higher! See Supported CPUS on Wikipedia.
  • 2GB RAM (1GB minimum. For Windows Vista and up, 8GB or more is strongly recommended).
  • Hardware accelerated 3D card with OpenGL drivers:
   * At least a Radeon HD or Geforce NV40 6 series class with 512MB or higher is recommended.
   * For OpenGL3 mode, you need a card that supports Shader Model 3.0 (recommended).
  • Windows Vista and higher (Windows 7/8/10 verified), 32-bit or 64-bit, is required.
    • Windows XP SP3 is the lowest Windows version to be supported (in the DevBuilds). Please be aware: 3DGE 2.1.0 and above no longer works with Windows 2000 and below. You can, however, build a version that supports those older operating systems yourself by compiling using the Windows Makefile with GCC, called makefile.xming. Windows binaries of 3DGE are normally compiled with Visual Studio 2015.
  • Visual Studio 2015 C++ Runtimes are required to be installed - x86 or x64, depending on your CPU type.
    • Windows XP SP3 users: alongside the run-times that need installation, additional DLLs to start 3DGE under this OS can be downloaded from the 3DGE website, as they are not included in the release/devbuild packages.
  • For Linux:
   SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) version 2.0.3.
   glibc 2.
  • For MacOSX:
   TO-DO (WIP)
  • For Dreamcast:
   * Console manufactured before the year 2000 to play burned media.
   * Alternatively, an emulator.
   * VMU with (X) Free Blocks to save game data.