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The 3DGEwiki


The 3DGE Wiki is an extensive effort to document everything related to the 3DGE source port, while providing as much information about its predecessors: DOSDoom and EDGE. We have created 97 articles to date.

This site is a wiki, so everyone is encouraged to create and edit articles. We need all the help we can get indexing these three source ports! For community discussion and support, visit the 3DGE forum board.

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Stable version: 2.1.0 Test3
Unstable version: 2.1.0 DRDTeam Builds
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Common Questions and Guides

Find out how to get into the world of 3DGE quickly with these step-by-step guides:


Did you know 3DGE contains code from Quake II, Quake III, and Wolfenstein 3D?

(More trivia...)


Note: This Wiki is considered the most up-to-date for documentation relating to DDF, RTS, and COAL. While the RTS editing guide still points to the original EDGE website, the rest of the information is documented heavily here. For specific 3DGE QA, please visit the 3DGE forums, register, and ask away! Mod announcements are usually made there, too. Special thanks to the Doom Wiki, the ZDoom Wiki, and their ambassadors for allowing the port to have a second (and third!) chance at life. For specific Dreamcast technical, visit DC Emulation. 3DGE engine is licensed under the GPL by and © Isotope SoftWorks and Contributors. id Tech is licensed under GPLv2 by id Software, © 1997-2012. DOOM is a registered trademark of id Software, LLC.