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3DGE can read content from the following archive formats:

  • WAD: Doom's native format; it is sequential and does not offer compression
  • GRP: Build's native format
  • SIN: SiN's native format, based on Quake's QPAK format.
  • HOG/MVL: Descent's various formats
  • RFF: Blood's native format
  • PAK: Quake's native format (this is used for the edge2.pak startup archive.
  • ZIP/
For more information on this article, visit the PK3 page on the Doom Wiki.
Contrarily to most implementations, 3DGE fully implements the ZIP standard and is able to open zipped archives that many utilities do not
  • 7z/PK7: One of the best all-around compressed archive format
  • Directory: Technically not an archive format, nevertheless 3DGE is able to load the entire content of a directory
  • Single file: Also technically not an archive format, nevertheless a single lump can be loaded
  • Embedded wad: a .wad file contained within a non-wad archive will be recursively loaded

3DGE, as of 2.1.0-Test3, uses PhysicsFS for most of its file abstraction; the port was previously completely based on EDGE author Andrew Apted's OBLIGE's archive implementation, which is still seen in the EPI utility code.

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