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|title = 3DGE, Hyper3DGE, Dream3DGE
|developer = [[Coraline (Chu)]], [[Alex Nesemann]], [[Joseph Fenton]], [[Rachael Alexanderson (Eruanna)]], [[Brendan Doe]], [[Damir Srpčič]]
|nondeveloper = [[Chris Mullen (CeeJay)]], [[UsernameAK]], [[gameblabla]], [[Andrew Apted]], [[Josh Pearson]], [[Benjamin Moir]]
|baseparent = [[EDGE]]
|logo = [[File:3DGE Logos.png]]
|programming language = [[Wikipedia:C++|C++]], [[Wikipedia:QuakeC|QuakeC (modified)]], ASM
|status = Active
|platform = Windows, KallistiOS, MacOSX, Linux
|license = {{GPL||2+}}
|website = [http://edge2.sf.net/ http://edge2.sf.net/]}}'''3DGE''', also called '''Hyper3DGE''' (internally referenced as ''EDGE2'', also sometimes referred to as just "EDGE"), is the successor to [[EDGE]]. Originally created to power the ''Hypertension'' TC, its goal was changed to a full-fledged successor to EDGE after [[Andrew Apted]] discontinued the parent port. The first version, numbered 1.35d, was released on 2011-04-11. The latest version is {{:{{PAGENAME}}/Version}}, released on {{:{{PAGENAME}}/Date}}. The first version of '''Dream3DGE''', numbered 1.29dc, was released on 2013-09-18, and is playable on the {{wp|Dreamcast|Sega Dreamcast}}. The port comes with Windows and Linux binaries, though the user can build the Macintosh and Dreamcast versions from source. 3DGE was initially forked from EDGE 1.32, and the codebase was merged with the final EDGE 1.35 release the day [[EDGE]] ceased development.
As well as adding new features, the team also incorporated many fixes for overlooked bugs left behind from EDGE. The name is a deliberate play on EDGE - the "3" is to symbolize the third line of continuation from EDGE and [[DOSDoom]], and is pronounced the same as EDGE. The port is hardware-accelerated only, and also implements support for KallistiGL (PowerVR) for the Dreamcast platform.
A few notable mods in development are [http://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-it-out-in-doom/ Duke it Out in DOOM] and {{Dwforums|id=66125|title=Doom Forever}}, both by Chris Mullen (CeeJay), and a sequel to the [[Marc A. Pullen (Fanatic)]] mod QDOOM. [http://facebook.com/slavefps/ SLaVE] and  [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isotope-TDGMods/232903863419077/ Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness] are two commercial products using this engine, both being developed by [https://www.facebook.com/Isotope-TDGMods-232903863419077/ Isotope Softworks] and published by [http://www.goatstorepublishing.com/ Goat Store Publishing]. The full list of known and active mods are [http://www.tdgmods.net/smf/viewforum.php?f=26/ here].
'''Dream3DGE''' was a [[Sega]] Dreamcast-only port of EDGE 1.29, and has high compatibility with pre-1.31 mods, as it cannot currently run anything created with EDGE 1.31 or above. It must be built with [http://gamedev.allusion.net/softprj/kos/ KallistOS]. It contains most, if not all, functionality from the parent port. This branch (and EDGE 1.29, on which it was based) was abandoned officially and rewritten and integrated back into 3DGE with version 2.0. The Dreamcast code utilities KallistiGL instead of OpenGL for important rendering functions concerning the [http://www.segatech.com/technical/cpu/ SH-4 CPU].
== Features ==
As of the [https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/3dge/ development builds] for v2.1.0:
* Dual OpenGL 1.x/2.1 Renderer
* SDL2 Integration
* [[UDMF]] support
* PAK/PK3/PK7 [[Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement]]
* Rendering interpolation
* [[OPL]] synth playback
* Basic Shadows
* Several major and minor bugs squashed from [[EDGE]] 1.35
* Heretic/Chex IWAD support
* [[MD5 Model Support]]
* {{3dgewiki|MD3|MD3 Model Support|linkonly=1}}
* 2 player [[splitscreen]] [[co-op]] or [[deathmatch]] (local only)
* [http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=RoQ RoQ] video support for cinematics
* [https://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/files/3DGE%20SOURCE/DreamEDGE/ Runs] on the [[Wikipedia:Dreamcast|Sega Dreamcast]] console.
* GLSL Post-processing effects
* Normal/Spec/Brightmap support on models
* [[DDF]]/[[RTS]] enhancements and bugfixes
== In-Progress ==
* PolyObjects (available in the latest devbuilds, more types will be supported in the future)
* Normal/Spec/Brightmap support on textures
* True Inventory Support
* Camera-Man Script: New scripting language which allows the engine to utilize spline-based cameras for in-engine cutscene and complete camera control, also linked through COAL.
* Dynamic Planar Shadow System for Dynamic Lights
* Half-Life MDL and MS3D Model Format Support
* Quake 3: Arena-style shader-based sky system
* Better BOOM Compatibility
* Decals on all surfaces
* Wolfenstein 3D support (WLF_*)
* Rise of the Triad support (ROTT_*)
* Blake Stone support (BLK_*)
* Strife IWAD
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpzvWcz7uDY Heretic support is being finalized] and is in beta as of {{:{{PAGENAME}}/Version}}, using a similarly named definition file called HDF (Heretic Definition File). The HDF definitions were written initially by CeeJay, before the 3DGE Team took over to write proper IWAD support.
== External links ==
*[https://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/ Official 3DGE project site]
*[https://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/files/3DGE%20SOURCE/ 3DGE source release packages], hosted by {{wp|SourceForge}}
*[https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE 3DGE git repository], hosted by github
*[https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/3dge/ Compiled SVN builds] for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Dreamcast at [[DRD Team]]
*{{3dgewiki|Main Page|Documentation}}
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